What is Octurbo.com?

Octurbo.com is a collection of small improvements for opencart, mostly performance related.  To  illustrate the benefit of these tweaks, we’ve hosted some demo installations of opencart so that you can compare the performance against a stock opencart installation.

A (free) page cache for OpenCart


We’ve made the first release of our page level cache for opencart.

It’s a relatively simple module with an installer that makes a couple of changes to your main index.php file, and an admin panel to see stats, clear the cache, etc.

There’s more info on github…for opencart 1.5.x, see our pagecache repo, and for opencart 2.x, see our v2pagecache repo.

While a page cache doesn’t solve the root cause of performance problems,

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Caching OpenCart’s Category Counts

catsIf there’s one thing we could call out as the biggest opportunity to improve performance in opencart, it would be the underlying code that enables product counts for categories.

Opencart’s performance, once this problem is fixed, is actually quite good.  It’s undeserved reputation for being slow is almost always tied back to this one shortcoming.

On a stock opencart install, there’s a navigation widget that shows all the product categories, and the count of products within that category.
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